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Tauranga Logistics Ltd (TADS) is a family run business, that has identified the growing demands of e-commerce retailers and wholesalers who are selling their products through on-line ordering systems.   Located in sunny Tauranga (with NZ's largest cargo port), it has great transport links to deliver products throughout the country.BOP Times Article1Click to read

Along with our own part-time e-commerce business we have encountered many others who are in a simular situation where they have out-grown their existing home storage and distribution space, or many with great products that just do not have any space or systems to begin with.  The cost and practicalities of leasing smaller storage units is not sustainable and does not recognise the time and disruption to travel to them.  Then there is the hassle of hiring of part-time staff to dispatch orders when volumes can vary largely from day to day or seasonally.  Large freight based distribution companies often prefer bulk goods are not prepared to take on smaller clients with smaller individual items.  Their fee structure can by confusing, expensive and tie you into using their services.

If you have a great product idea, we can also help from the start with assisting you to find a customs broker and deciding on the best freight option to get your goods landed.

As your business grows and demands more of your valuable time, you often cannot focus on the importance of sales, marketing and new product development.... that's where we can help.

Save Time & Costs

How much does using our service cost?Special-offer

Tauranga Logistics can assist your business by providing multiple services at cost effective pricing.  These costs can be absorbed into the overhead running expenses of your business, which will offset your valuable labour time, freeing up you up to work on aspects of your business and it's marketing activities.  Alternatively simply add the pick & pack cost to your items.


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Tauranga Logistics Ltd
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